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a story about finding your tribe

X dreamed of finding others that were the same so the void in its heart could be filled.

a story about finding your tribe

X dreamed of finding others that were the same so the void in its heart could be filled.

a story about finding your tribe

by Mak Knox, Co-Founder of Dream Life Explorers


There once was a thing named X. X had recently gained consciousness, from where it did not know.  X was a curious and friendly being and quickly became lonely because of its lack of connection with other things like it. X dreamed of finding others that were the same so the void in its heart could be filled.


So one day, X decided to leave the building from whence it came into existence. As it wobbled away, it looked back to see a large sign that read, “Chair Factory,” and he thought to himself, “I must be a chair. That’ll probably help me find others to bond with.”


As X wobbled down the path, what it came to understand as a sidewalk, it came upon a clearing where a large, grey object rested. X felt drawn towards this thing and thought to itself, “Will it talk to me? Is it also a chair?”


It clambered over to the object and asked, “Hello thing! I come from a chair factory and am looking to be with others like me. Would you happen to be one of those things I seek?”


“No, I am a rock.”


“You seem to be confident in your understanding of what you are. Can you tell me the differences between us so I can better understand what I am seeking?”


“Of course!” exclaimed Rock. “You see, even though we both support humans and give them a place to rest their rears, we don’t have a specific seat. Humans can sit anywhere on us. Additionally, we rocks are natural and it is not our main purpose to give them a place to sit.”


“So, you’re saying I need to find things that are specifically made for sitting with a place made especially to sit?


“Correct. I wish you the best on your travels.”


X continued on its way until it came upon a thing that looked like nothing else made in nature, and also a nice place for a human to sit.  X hobbled up to the thing and inquired, “Hello thing! I come from a chair factory and am looking to be with others like me. Would you happen to be one of those things I seek?”


“What up! Naw, I ain’t what you seekin’. We come from the same type a’ hood, love dem factories, and we both be made for sittin’ humans, but we different cuz hella people be sitting on me all the time. At the same time! I be fittin’ five butts on me sometimes. You only have to deal with one at a time.”


“Is that a good thing?” X replied.


“It ain’t good or bad. It just is. We all got a different purpose.”


“Oh, okay,” X responded quizzically. “So, would you mind assisting me in finding other things like me?”


“Fasho! I seen a thing just like you come by just yesterday. Went that way. Best wishes!”


“Thank you, uh… what was your name? And, how did you get here?”


“Oh, my bad. Name’s Couch. I was put out here cuz those humans that used to sit on me thot I wasn’t comfy no more. Some sh*t about being ‘old’ and ‘used up.’ I’ll be coo tho. I’ll keep doing my thang and give some other cats a place to chill. Keep it real, bruh.”


So, X went on its way, in the direction that Couch had recommended, thinking, “even though those other things weren’t what I’m seeking, they sure were helpful. I am so grateful! I now have a better understanding of who I am and what I am looking for.”


A bit later, X was thirsty so it took a detour to stop by a watering hole. As it approached the watering hole, X started became excited because there in front of it were things that fit every requirement that it had learned about itself. They had a surface for the bottoms of humans to sit, were much thinner than Couch, and looked like humans had crafted them. And there were lots of them! It picked up its pace.


“I’m so glad you are all here! My name is X and I am looking for others like me. Could you be those things that I seek?! Also, I’m pretty tired, may I take a break next to you?”


“Well, sure you can hang with us, but we probably won’t satisfy all of your needs. Although we’ll probably be sufficient enough to make you happy, and will be good company, we don’t meet all of the requirements needed to be things like you. We also were made for sitting, have a platform made especially to rest the fannies of humans, and were only made for one individual, but we don’t have a back like you. We are spineless!”


X was mid-sip when this last line was spoken and Stool and its friends burst into laughter. X didn’t really get it. So, as Stool and its friends continued to guffaw for what seemed like entirely too long, some even tipping over and rolling on the ground, X quietly removed itself and headed back to the sidewalk.


Now, back on its path, X somberly wiggled its way forward until it noticed things starting to get darker and harder to see. Everything had been so clear and bright up to this point. What was happening?  It quickened his pace. As things started to turn black, one large source of light from above allowed X to see just enough in front to prevent stumbling. It trekked on.


Finally, after a long time in the dark, X noticed something changing ahead. Illumination began to creep upwards and things started to become clearer. At the same moment it noticed clarity ahead, it also saw a group of things to the right.


“I’ve been travelling for a while and I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’m going to go take a break and ask those things if I can rest with them,” X thought.


So, X ricketed over to the group and as it crept closer, it noticed them all lined up in straight rows and columns. “That’s odd,” it thought.


“Hey! I have a question: why are you all lined up like that? I mean, I’ll line up with you if it means I can rest.”


“Omigoodness! This is perfect!” exclaimed one of the things. “We would love for you to join us! We just lost one of our own last night and need to fill a space in order to be complete. One of the groomsmen got so drunk last night that he thought climbing on top of one of us and kicking the back off was a good idea. When the back was kicked off, it became a stool and now needs to be replaced. Can you believe it?”


“Why is that hard to believe? What are you?”


“We are chairs! We aren’t made for climbing on, we’re made for sitting on. Sometimes people like to use us for other reasons, but that just makes us multifunctional. Pretty cool, huh?”


“Wait, you’re chairs!?! I just came from a chair factory and have been looking for others like me!” X shouted. It had totally forgotten what it was searching for in its delirious stupor!


“Yes we are! You have arrived at such a perfect time because there is another wedding today and we need YOU to fill its spot. And don’t worry; it doesn’t start for another 8 hours. Go ahead and take a nap.”


X was overcome with emotion. It folded up, which it did not even know it could do, and fell fast asleep. It dreamed of Rock, Couch, Stool, and Stool’s friends at the watering hole. It dreamed of finding others like itself. It dreamed of a whole community of chairs to be apart of. It dreamed of giving humans a place to rest their bums as well as lean their backs. It dreamed of supporting humans, one at a time. It dreamed the sounds of violins. It dreamed of a bride and groom walking down the aisle, the words “I do” being exchanged, and the clapping of hands.


X wasn’t sure if it was dreaming anymore. Had its dream life become its real life?



“Everybody has a heart that can be touched by something”- Naoki Higashida



Hey! What if we decided to think, “I can do something”, and commit to responding to life with action?

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